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Environmentally friendly packaging market in 2011 will reach $ 107.7 billion

Jul 07, 2015

Article REVIEW: The report finds that the recent economic downturn did not have an impact on the sustainable development of green packaging market. More and more consumers, environmental protection, health and welfare and other agencies concerned on the need for innovative green packaging market and the desire for green packaging, which makes manufacturers will choose a better material for the production of green packaging. The report pointed out the relevance of packaging trends in 2009 and 2010, the market value of the packaging industry, health and sustainable and green packaging between. In the health field, the consumer is not only looking for fresh, safe food, but also will choose the "healthy" green packaging.

The letter capital currently limited liability company (Visiongain) issued a report on sustainable and green packaging market. The report focuses on environmental hazards, environmental packaging, carbon emissions, and waste reduction targets in different countries. The report said that in 2011, sustainable development and value of green packaging market will reach $ 107.7 billion.