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How to remove remaining glue transparent tape

Jul 07, 2015

Car stickers contact with friends, such as the car's many small ornaments, marriage tie floats when using Scotch tape, some of the parts of the certificates, etc. When these things removed, often in the car or the car leaving the surface of the adhesive is difficult to remove traces of mortgage can not afford, do not use hard objects to scratch, how to do it?

In practice, find the following two methods is good: Alcohol removal method. Use a soft cloth dipped in a sufficient amount like 95% alcohol, then gently wipe stickers at the sticker will easily soften out, while alcohol in general will not have plastic parts or what damage the paint surface. But sometimes find alcohol is not very effective for some stickers, then use a soft cloth dipped in a little gasoline graze stickers at this time should be noted that due to some kind of plastic gasoline or paint the "dissolution" of action, so be careful to use: either first place in unimportant graze look, no problem if you use; but we must be careful not to use too much gasoline, but try to be a short time! I tried, in a short time the body surface clean with gasoline, the impact on the body surface of the film is nothing obvious. As a result, it is easy to get sticker gave it removed ......