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Part of the classification and characteristics of tape adhesive tape, uses

Jul 07, 2015

Double-sided tape double-sided tape is classified as an aqueous, oily double-sided tape, double-sided tape hot melt adhesive, embroidery double-sided tape, double-sided tape pasting several categories; waterborne double-sided adhesive adhesion is weak, oily double-sided tape the adhesion strength, mainly used in hot melt double-sided adhesive stickers, stationery, office, etc., oily double-sided tape is mainly used in leather goods, EPE, sponge, footwear and other viscous terms, embroidery double-sided adhesive is mainly used in embroidery aspect, pasting tape is mainly used for paste printing plates locate.

Structure: High Cotton, special acrylic adhesive, oil acrylic plastic, green acrylic plastic, a variety of substrates.

Features: strong stick, cold, heat resistance; plastic surface equatorial good, various colors.