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Talking about the current development of the domestic packaging industry

Jul 07, 2015

For a long time, due to technological level, industrial structure, philosophy and other aspects of the laws and regulations lag, the problem of packaging products and a variety of resources to the environment caused by becoming more serious. To change this situation, from the source, some countries have gradually established a "green barrier" of trade and environmental policies. Such as the EU promulgated the "electrical and electronic equipment on the Prohibition of the Use of Hazardous Substances Directive," which means to styrofoam represented by the traditional, high-energy "white pollution" of packaging material it has been prohibited. Reason to believe that in the near future our country will be more emphasis on product "packaging" of the issue.

To change this situation the domestic packaging industry, Packaging Technology Development Co., Ltd. on Haiaierbei use with full intellectual property rights of AIR-PAQ air packaging products, to film reverse o valve expertise, the use of LLDPE and NYLON synthetic plastic film air column idea, developed into a cushion arrangement of integration packaging products. Its products are not only environmentally friendly, save resources, non-toxic, recyclable, significantly reduces the packaging costs. The product has successfully passed Dell, Hitachi, Siemens, Samsung, Apple and many other Fortune 500 companies worldwide supplier certification, and has begun to global supply. In order to fight China to create national brand, the product has been registered in China, Europe, Japan, Korea and other countries of the 'AIR-PAQ' international trademark, the product has been demonstrated through the EU ROHS environmental laws, and get free access to the EC green, environmentally friendly, energy-saving products can be recycled license. As air packaging products industry leading enterprises, the company was collaborating with relevant departments of the national packaging industry to develop industry standards air cushion packaging products, while the company is applying for national high-tech enterprises.