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Buying Guide Packaged With Packing Tape Quality Is Good Or Bad

Jul 07, 2015

Strap quality is good or bad, depending on purity polypropylene packing tape Gaobu Gao, now packaged with a variety of sub-markets: pure polypropylene, add masterbatch, polypropylene plus renewable materials, PP renewable materials plus and masterbatch. Packing pure polypropylene production with full transparent state, plus packaging polypropylene masterbatch production for translucent polypropylene plus production of renewable materials packaged with substantially opaque, polypropylene plus masterbatch production and packaged with recycled materials completely opaque. There is also a full-renewable materials and calcium carbonate powder packaged with sandwich material production, complete production of renewable materials packaged with relatively soft material of the tape sandwich is only the surface of the raw material, the rest are calcium carbonate (lime powder). pp / pet strap quality is good or bad depends entirely on the purity of polypropylene, the higher purity polypropylene packing tape tension better.