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How To Remove The Double-sided Tape

Jul 07, 2015

(A) In the first case the removal of double-sided tape, is the easiest to deal with, with a blade scraping a beginning, then slowly torn by hand. If too slow, available hair dryer slightly heated.

(B) For the second removal of double-sided tape, in particular the kind of pattern printed on that tape. Computer Desk with heated windshield can be opened to weak, with a blade scraping a beginning, focusing on the heating tape on the back, be careful not to over-heating, it will blow the deformation of the tape. Remove slowly by hand, the whole process must be careful. That having a pattern tape, more or less residual trace, be careful not to over-heating, otherwise, it will be left even more. Little Cheats: exposing faster, fewer residues, but also more easily torn cartons. Specific effect, may have a relationship with many aspects, but as long as skilled, under most circumstances, can still satisfactory, and so once again sealed, not look carefully, it is not easy to send (c) For the third removal of double sided tape, the direct slowly scraped with a razor blade, the blade may require thinner in some cases, then, can be used razor blades. The tag is large, the available auxiliary heating hair dryer.

(D) For the fourth case, the available blade frivolous corner, heated with a hair dryer, and slowly stir up the entire label. Dealing with such labels must be careful carefully before you believe it, it will leave residual traces, not a success.

(V) For the fifth case of the removal of double-sided tape. General heating certainly not, because the will to blow plastic film also deformed. The method is simple: bare hands to tear, not slowly, must be fast, such as the larger labels can be divided into several times, suddenly, quickly torn by hand. Deal with this situation, the ambient temperature as low as possible.