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Masking Tape

Jul 07, 2015

Masking tape is a pressure sensitive masking and water as the main raw material, the pressure-sensitive adhesive coated masking paper, another top coat to release material made of a roll of adhesive tape. High temperature, resistance to chemical solvents, high adhesion, softness docile and then tear without leaving adhesive residue and other features. Masking industry known as pressure-sensitive tape. English MASKING TAPE.


Masking tape depending on the temperature, it can be divided into: normal masking tape, masking tape temperature and high-temperature masking tape. Depending on the viscosity, it can be divided into: a low viscosity masking tape, masking tape in the sticky and viscous masking tape.


Masking tape to import white masking paper as base material, one side coated weather-resistant rubber-based pressure sensitive adhesive. High temperature, solvent, and then peel no residue, excellent performance! Products comply with ROHS environmental requirements. High temperature for the automotive, steel or plastic devices furniture surface paint paint masking, but also applies to electronic, electrical, pressure-sensitive resistors, circuit boards and other industries.