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Tape Production Market Prospects

Jul 07, 2015

With the rapid increase in the socio-economic and people's living standards, the tape has been entirely in all walks of life and people's daily life use. Various provinces and cities nationwide have sizes ranging from wholesale sales of plastic products, building materials abound stores, hardware stores and shops, stationery stores, supermarkets and others have tape (marking tape, transparent tape, color tape) to sell. Widely used in food, medicine, cigarettes appliances, household chemicals, etc. Almost all sectors of the packaging seal. Such as by use of a prefecture-level city of medium-sized food producers to calculate it, the annual cost of use of sealing tape are at least ten million yuan. Tape a small cities a year market consumption are also more than 10 million yuan. Tape widely used, the use of large, market potential unlimited, really laid-off unemployed, ideal for a second job and tertiary industry investment in enterprises.

Tape production plant start-up, according to the size of the geographical location, its own ability to invest funds invested can be more or less, usually about three yuan to open factories. With the rapid growth of the market economy, the demand for the tape market is also growing, according to the "Packaging magazine", "Industry News" reported that China 2005 sales of about 3 billion tape volumes, market prospects are very broad, indeed unlimited business opportunities . Tape is a traditional industry, every household need to use tape, businesses manufacturers is inseparable from the tape.